Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!

Oh, the January madness has taken hold!  All over the place, people are committing themselves to goals that are inspirational until they actually have to start working on them.  I'm going to be coy and not share mine for now, but...  I'm currently sitting next to someone who went for two runs - not one, two - yesterday after not running at all last year.  She's rightly very proud of herself, but let's hope her body isn't going to rebel too much as send her off track!

In all the goal setting madness, it's sometimes difficult to remember to be kind to ourselves.  I'm all for stretching ourselves to grow, but please make sure you also keep time to curl up with a book or go for a walk through the park with a dear friend.  

All this change of the year new-ness also got me thinking about how we treat our bodies in relation to fashion - and then I saw some articles about this new spray that numbs your feet, so you can wear stilettos without pain.  Most of us aren't catwalk models, so don't have to wear shoes in the wrong size for a living.  The spray was developed by a plastic surgeon and is receiving a decent amount of publicity, so I can just imagine how up in arms podiatrists are.  Much better to buy shoes that fit you correctly in the first place - and save those killer heels for occasions when you don't need to do a lot of walking.  

Here's to a year of fabulous shoes and joyous adventures! 


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