Clear out the wardrobe - and get women into work

We all aspire to be a super-confident 21st century woman, both at home and in the workplace. You know, the kind of women who glides effortlessly through life always looking pretty damn amazing and always saying or doing the right thing. I don't know that statistics, but it's probably only 0.0001% of women who are born like this.  For the rest of us, it's something to learn and work on. This is why we support Smart Works, a charity that helps bridge this gap for many women.

Smart Works helps women who are out-of-work or on a low-income, giving them both the support and self-confidence that they need to get into the workplace. They provide clothes, styling advice and training for women to take on the challenge of a new job interview. Because of the fab work that goes on, one in two women who visit Smart Works succeed in their job interviews.


The charity runs solely off private donations – be that money, clothes or time – and works with 6-8 women a day. We pop into Smart Works every few months to donate sample insoles. As most of the donated shoes are second hand, the insoles give the feeling of new shoes and the women have fun choosing which colour to match their new outfit. 

If you have any clothes that you’re not wearing which would be suitable for interviews, these ladies would loooovve to receive them. Given the statistics flying around that British women have £5billion in unworned clothes hanging in their wardrobes, I’m sure there’s lots out there that could be handed Smart Works's way. Just think how good you’ll feel if clearing that wardrobe space helps get women back into work.

Smart Works is a fabulous charity and we are proud to support the lovely team who make it all happen. To donate or volunteer, visit their website at They also hold events throughout the year, the next being a Designer Fashion Sale in May - so keep a look out.

The lovely team at Smart Works

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