Good bye holidays! That back to school feeling


September's arrived and London's slowly letting go of it's summer laziness.  The roads are getting busier and, whilst people are not always happy to be back from their holiday, there's a buzz of excitement in the air.  The excitement of a new school year and of a new month when we savour the last of the summer sunshine.  

At Alice Bow, the pace picks up again. Our Italian suppliers are back from spending August at the coast and we'll start seeing new shipments of leather arrive before the end of the month.  We're finishing the last sampling of the sheepskin insoles and will start making them in earnest in a few weeks.  None of us really want to start thinking about winter yet but we know it's there, ready to peak it's head around the corner on the first frosty morning.  

September also means putting on "proper" shoes again.  Sandals start to edge their way towards the back of the cupboard and more structures shoes come out.  The trend for flat shoes remains strong for winter.  (We'll do a round-up for you soon.)  

If you're feet are complaining about leaving summer shoes behind, a couple of tricks to keep them happier:

  • Start with softer shoes - those well loved numbers which have moulded to the shape of your feet
  • If you're bringing out firmer or newer shoes, rub some Compeed blister stick on your heels or any areas which will rub (available at most chemists)
  • Feeling a bit tight around your feet? If your shoes are leather or suede, spray shoe stretching solution across the shoes where they cover the base of your toes (available at shoe repairers - and remember to always patch test a bit first just in case the colour changes)
  • Last, but not least, pop in a pair of Alice Bow's for that all important under foot comfort. 

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