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The Alice Bow story began a couple of years ago with a pair of black patent leather heels.  It doesn’t sound that exciting, I know, but these shoes rocked!  They were stylish AND comfortable.  The shape was lovely and my toes didn't feel pinched to death. The heel was just the right height to make me look elegant, but wasn't so high that I felt like a bambi just learning to walk. They went with everything from skinny jeans to suits. Goodness, I had some great times in those shoes. Quite frankly - they were fabulous.

But by the time I figured out how perfect they were, these seasonal designer shoes were already sold out.  And so, my quest for the perfect pair of black patent leather heels began…  I’ve traipsed high and low, across countries even, and am still yet to find a perfect replacement pair for me and my feet.

What I did discover though, was my absolute fascination with shoes and the whole footwear industry. Off of the back of this, I've founded a range of stylish insoles that provide comfort in heels or flats without having to compromise on style. (Who knows, maybe a shoe range will follow.)

Basically, I’ve geeked out on shoes. Delving into the inner workings of this gorgeous old industry has been wonderful.  It's taken me on an intensive course in shoe design and shoemaking at Cordwainers (London College of Fashion), followed by training with the Society of Shoe Fitters.  In between, I've visited trade fairs and manufacturers across Europe to learn the details behind what goes into making footwear.  It’s an art and a science. I’m hooked.

So, there's the story and the inspiration for our blog. Yes, we will be writing seasonal fashion bites but there is more to us than that! Let's just say, this won't be your average shoe blog.

Here we will be sharing our love for the art of shoemaking and a genuine interest in caring for our feet. There will be stories of our adventures and the people we meet along the way, seasonal news and tips and tricks to help you find your Cinderella shoes. Whether your feet be wide or narrow, we'll help you find the perfect fit. We want to look and feel good in our heels - and have a damn good time whilst we're at it!

So, pop by for a chat and a cuppa. Think of us as your shoe fairy godmother.


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