A tale of two mice


Two Marc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats enjoying each other's company

Like many things in life, our feet come in all shapes and sizes. Long or short, wide or narrow, high-arch, low-arch, funny toes... All peculiar in their own special way.

When you go to buy a pair of shoes, the sales assistant will ask “what size do you take?”  What they usually mean is “how long is your foot?”  It’s like our feet become one-dimensional when we become adults. I mean, have any of you actually had your feet measured in your adult life?

Shoe designers use size 37 as their sample size when testing their designs and making the initial mock-ups. My friend Anna and I both wear size 37, but the similarities end there. Anna (left mouse) is a B width, whereas I (right mouse) am more of an E. In the UK, the standard shoe width is a C although each brand or cut will fit slightly differently.

Over drinks one night, we were bemoaning the difficulty we had in finding shoes that fitted. A few weekends later, we went on a trip to the shops and started doing this…..

Selected shoes from: Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch, Lanvin, Prada, Pretty Ballerina, Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood, Sam Edelman. Round one of the shoe trials

We hit central London, heading to Liberty first and then on to other shoe stores. People thought we were either mighty strange or dedicated stylists as we lined up shoes, trying them on and taking photos. My feet looked like they’d eaten all the pies (and they haven't!) whilst they bulged out of shoes, whilst the same shoes would be flapping around on Anna’s delicate feet.

Anna’s toe cleavage –not her preferred look!

Anna’s toe cleavage –not her preferred look!



These shoes are a snug fit

Rachel’s snug fitting flat shoes

As someone who’s studying to become a Member of the Society of Shoe Fitters, I’m passionate about finding stylish shoes that actually fit. This is the first in a series of Alice Bow posts about shoe fit – helping you find the brands and styles that will work best for you.

Do you have trouble finding stylish shoes that fit?  Have you found a brand/style that works for you?

Tell us about your shoe shopping experiences by leaving a comment below.

p.s. special shout-out to Liberty.  Out of the 10 stores we visited, they were the only place where we found some staff who had an intricate knowledge of the fit of their shoes. Yet another reason to love this gem of a store!

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