Anti-Aging Footcare Tips


Anti-Aging Footcare Tips

Whilst our faces get the latest anti-aging creams and gadgets, most of us neglect to give our feet the same love. But, just like hands, uncared for feet can give the aging came away.

With feet, it’s not just about keeping them looking as good as possible, but also functioning well too.

To keep feet looking and feeling great, here are some simple at-home anti-aging tips from our go-to podiatrist Aisha Wajahat, from London Foot Experts.

Soak It 

No excuses - even if you say you’re too busy! Grab a bowl with warm water at home and mix with the simple recipe below. You can get on with whatever you want to do whilst soaking – a spot of work or TV watching, phone a friend for a proper chat, etc.

Ingredients: big bowl of warm water, 1tsp of almond oil, 2 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of organic shampoo. Mix and soak feet for 20mins.



Yes, ladies, dead skin cells suffocating the full growth capacity of new healthy cells is exactly the same for your face AND your feet! The big difference being, your feet take on a lot heavier duty --- so are even more in need of help to make room for those new fresh cells to breathe through! Get scrubbing, with a good pumice stone and finish with exfoliation scrub.



Top your toes off with a rich moisturiser and wear socks overnight to help it sink in properly. This is brilliant for undoing and preventing unsightly cracked heals that we all get at some point in our life.


Corns & Calluses

These delights can appear at any age, but are more likely from your 40’s or 50’s onwards. These unfortunate visitors eventually lead to more wrinkled skin. The best trick to assist with defeating lines and wrinkles on your feet and toes? Simple - regular massages with sesame and olive oil. 

However, if they are severe, we recommend your remove them by a professional as they will eventually cause the underlying skin to weaken due to excessive pressure.



Oh, the joy! Not only do bunions look unsightly, but they also make it more difficult to fit into shoes you love.

The exact cause of bunions depends on the person, but it can be a mix of genetics and how you care for your feet. Wearing shoes that fit you properly and minimising the amount of time you spend in high heels and pointy shoes can certainly help. This used to mean sacrificing style for comfort, but it’s no longer the case with all the amazing flats and trainers available at the moment.

It’s also important to keep mobility in your big toe joint. So next time you kick your shoes off, do little circles with your big toes and give them all a good wiggle.


Clean & Supreme

Your mother told you to wash behind your ears and the same applies for between your toes. As silly as it sounds, we’re often in so much of a rush that we forget to wash and dry our feet properly – leaving us open to minor foot infections.

A simple at home way to treat any fungal infections is to soak your feet in warm water and malt vinegar. Following with mentholated ointment between your toes and to any affected parts of the nails. Continue once a day for several weeks until your nail displays improvement.


Protect from Impact

As we age we lose fatty padding around our feet, especially the balls and heals. This can mean more discomfort as we walk and less protection for our bones on impact. By popping a pair of colourful Alice Bow insoles into you’re your shoes you’ll gain some much-needed comfort without sacrificing your style!


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