Hello Summer!
*Limited Edition* Pastel Insoles


Hello Summer! <br/>  *Limited Edition* Pastel Insoles

So without an official entrance from Spring, summer just jumped right in.


… and what’s the mood to best describe this SS18? Well put quite simply, the setting sits something between Palm Beach Glamour and the French Riviera. With who else other than Coco Chanel, Grace Jones, Princess Diana, Versace's original supermodel brigade, every 80’s New York IT Girl that ever was and the cast from Dynasty -  and they’re all having one big tea party! Oh and somewhere amongst all that Crayola, Clueless got a pastel tribute’! The only difference is its 2018 and we have learnt from our errors on how not to and to, use these sometimes lethal colour combos.
So as per usual, Alice Bow has been thinking on their feet to find the right balance –  curating a sensational shoe-twist this season with their ice cream pastel collection. A marvellously fetching spin on what good footnotes will mean this summer! Whether you’re a basic black kind of girl, colour queen dream, or maybe you’re just feeling those neutral earthy outfit/shoe tones, happening in the stores right now. Alice Bows have curated the perfect palette to add a brush of colour to update your shoe and pedi combo.
With licks of pastels, such as Cool Mint, Buttercup yellow and Lilac Dream. Alice Bow insoles are a great summer trick to add accent as well as redefine the style of all your hybrid shoes.


After all, why wouldn’t one accessorise their shoes and feet the way they would their hair, nails, clothes, hats, and handbags…?

Happy accessorising – shop the new collection here!

See Insta feed for style Footnotes

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