Styling Tips to Make Your Old Favourites Almost NEW


Styling Tips to Make Your Old Favourites Almost NEW


It’s also possible to re-work your shoes and breathe new life into them with a little accessorising.  Here are some fab tips from our creative stylist Charlotte.  

Add a Bow

You know your favourite closed heels that you’ve worn to occasions one too many times? Yeah, those. Not only is adding a bit of ribbon cost effective, but when done right, a well-placed bow can joosh up the most weathering of looks.

Besides, if Givenchy says they go this ss19, they go! Keep the outfit subtle and then pump it up a notch.

Take this errand as an opportunity to saunter through your fav markets over the weekend – Pick up a couple of different textures and colours. Whatever you don’t use will always come in handy anyway. As you can always wrap presents, accessorise your hair – and if you have a younger sister, daughter, or you’re one of those late in ‘the phase’, make a chic choker! 


Choose a ribbon and wrap your foot with it and style in whichever way pleases you. Then, cut off the excess (before you put your shoe on.) That way, it will appear as though the ribbons are attached to the inside of the shoe, instead of having been wrapped around it. One could stick the ribbon to the actual shoe, which in theory could look fab – though I personally prefer the earlier option as it gives you leeway to experiment with other colours and switch between looks, depending on your outfit stitch.


Fluff up your life 

While you’re at the market, pick up some strips of feather boa, matching coloured cotton and sticky taped double-sided Velcro strips. I normally go for the light fluffy feathers, rather than Aunt Grace’s Moulin Rouge version of thicker ones. They tend to look too Broadway as opposed to a subtle nod to the French when worn with an all-black ensemble!

It adds a bit of an oolala accent to a muted outfit, rather than screeching, ‘Broadway’, at the party guests! 



Decide where the feathers should go. Personally, I enjoy a classic low-heeled, open-toe mule with a strip of feathers over the front. Sometimes there’s a reason for the safe play in fashion and that’s because it just works!

  • Measure the areas you are adding the boa to. Then, cut the length of the Velcro and boa to match the length of the area you are applying them to on the shoe.
  • Thread your needle and sew the trimmed feather boa to the double-sided sticky Velcro. Try catch as little feathers as you can, while sewing. Scatter the length between stitches, it shouldn’t be too tight. Once the boa is attached to the Velcro securely, remove the strip at the back of the double-sided Velcro then stick firmly to your shoe – and voila, go give them a twirl!


Don’t wait till they break - Co-operate

That little bit of rubber attached at the foot of your heels that stops you from sounding like a walking algebra lesson. (The joke aimed at those of you who belong to the chalk generation!)

Don’t wait till you can hear the metal bit of your heels clinking at the pavement like an evil mastermind’s cane. Or you will have to replace the entire heel, which proves both expensive and it might not be a possibility to find the right match.



Easy, drop them off at your trusty cobbler!


Get a Jewel

No, no, no (shaking head hard). I’m not suggesting you start up a smoking habit! Nor am I referring to the plastic, diamante-bedecked slippers that you were secretly jealous of at your little cousin’s Sleeping Beauty themed party, all whilst being the ripe age of 30. Or the overly made-up Picasso-like, chain smoking, fake diamond-encrusted leopard print shoe-wearing lady, living on your block. Think more a modern day, self-owned fairy tale shoe inspired by Amina Muaddi.  Or the slinky-yet-powerful catlike styles put out by Saint Laurent somewhere in the mid 90s – think midnight-black suede or satin heels, bespangled with the Milky Way itself. Tastefully dazzled with diamantes.



What else but with ‘diamante confetti’ or actual crystals (depending on the budget) and pair of long teasers!  After all it’s not what you say, it’s how one says it – and the same applies to fashion ladies.

  • Find yourself a selection of diamantes sizes and colours. Again, I prefer to keep things simple when decking out (if there is such a thing!).  So, I would opt for a white diamond, perhaps a sprinkle of Royal Blue somewhere in there. But you do you - embrace that inner Matisse if your heart desires. ;)
  • Fabric glue will do for this particular design.  FYI... Glue tip – get something with a very fine nossle so you do not fill the full circumference of the back of diamante with glue. Too much glue will over spill onto the shoes fabric and create a tacky looking residue around the gem. So, put some music or a podcast on and take the process SLOOOOWWWW.
  • Then start adding the smaller diamantes at the base of the heel and -- as the width of the heel expands, so does the size of the clustered diamantes. Continue to arrange the sizes thereafter however you would like to style.


Get a pedi to turn your open toed shoes up a gear

Yes, a fresh pedicure!

A glistening set of toes can really spruce things up when wearing those adored, though ‘well worn’, older open toed shoes hidden in the back pf your closet. Especially when paired with a complimentary colour from your favourite Alice Bow insoles. Also, a way to completely update your ‘shoe-mood’ in a cost-effective way, whilst staying comfy too! Genius? Pretty much – that’s why we designed them for you. ;-)


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