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HRH Queen Elizabeth II Shoes Anello & Davide

HRH Queen Elizabeth II was well known for her colour coats and hats, but it's her shoes that really stood the ground for the over 21,000 public engagements she conducted in her working life - including swearing in the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss just days before her passing. 

In her memory, here are some facts about the Queen's shoes and what we can learn from them.  

Signature Style

The Queen chose early on to wear bright coats and hats, so that well wishers could easily spot her in a crowd.  When it came to shoes, however, she mostly stuck to black.  Her favoured low heeled loafer style was cut higher than some to allow them to comfortably stay on the foot whilst walking.  And with a sturdy heel, she could hold her composure whilst walking across grassy lawns or cobblestones.  Her shoes became a further embodiment of her steadfastness.

Anello & Davide

London-based handmade shoe makers, Anello & Davide, were responsible for the Queen's signature shoes for over 50yrs.  With a background in ballet and theatre shoes, the company knows how to make performance shoes that support movement of the feet.  They were also responsible for other shoe icons, including the Beatle's boots. 

Choice of Leather

For outdoor events in inclement weather, you will often spot that the Queen wore patent leather.  This finish allows for a quick wipe down with a damp clothe to remove any mud or marks, keeping shoes looking fresh even on a long day.  

Wearing In

Even bespoke shoes, which are made specifically for the shape of your feet, can do with some wearing in.  This is so that the leather softens and starts to form the natural creases where your feet move.  Leather soles also benefit from a bit of a stamping on gravel, to create some texture on their sole to help prevent slipping.  

Her Majesty's personal dresser, Angela Kelly, was the same shoe size as the Monarch and would wear her shoes in for her.  With such a busy and smile-filled schedule, there was certainly no time for Queen Elizabeth to endure blisters and uncomfortable feet.  

Invest in what works for you

We all know that feeling of finding a favourite pair of shoes and wishing that you had brought more pairs!  Anello & Davide produced hundreds of pairs of the Queen's favourite shoes over the years.  She would have up to ten pairs on rotation at any one time - allowing her shoes to breathe and be refreshed between outings, as well as be packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.  

We know it's often the seemingly little things, like the fit of a shoe, that can change the course of your day.

As Queen Elizabeth said,

".... it is often the small steps and not the giant leaps that bring about the most lasting change."


HRH Queen Elizabeth II

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