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Pilates for Feet? Yep, it's called footfulness

Pilates for Feet? Yep, it's called footfulness

Whilst shoes come and go, our feet are with us for life. 

Like many women, I used to only exercise from the ankles to the neck. For some reason I was never taught to properly exercise my feet or face.  A few toe scrunches and a roll of the ankle was the extend of things.  We'll happily spend a small fortune on pedicures and facials, but never see an actual podiatrist or dermatologist. 

Above is a great video with some simple pilates exercises by the lovely Dmitri from Epoch to start to get things moving.  Foot exercises, though often simple, are immensely satisfying.  The feeling of being light footed and fancy free just makes everything in life seem better.  

Your feet will also love you more if you don't wear the same pair of shoes every day.  There's no need to go all Imelda Marcos and have thousands of pairs - just a few will do. 

And, whilst we love our heels at Alice Bow, we stick to flats shoes for dashing around London.  Not all flat shoes are as comfortable as we'd like and that's where a pair of our Insoles for Flat Shoes are a mini miracle.  They keep a lovely bounce in your step, making it a delight to wear your favourite leather flats.  

Podiatrists are starting to ask us about them too as the special wedge of padding under the heel is exactly what they recommend for some foot conditions (especially plantar fasciitis). 

Summer Holiday Shoe Packing Picks

Summer Holiday Shoe Packing Picks

For some of us lucky ones, a much-welcomed balmy beach break lies ahead this spring. And with that, a ‘packing saga monster story’ awaits with mischievous glee!

With fun, sun and Instagram, summer also hails fashion addicts and shopaholics hindmost torment – shortlisting holiday footwear. 

Yup, SS18 has extensively contradicting shoe trends stepping forth for you – and we must say, they’re almost all the cat’s cream, plus STRAWBERRIES!

From Jacquemus Bachata ornamental heel sandals, to Calvin Klein’s cowboy boot rebirth debut, the picks are sinfully sweeter than sweet. It’s all so tempting to pull a Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997) by casually putting it all on.

But in these moments of weakness remember this: just because you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean you’ve been granted a ticket to don every shoe fantasy that ever was. And even if you are suddenly transported to an obnoxiously awesome celeb party or kidnapped by an exotic prince against your will, it’s likely you won’t be needing all of them! So, take a deep breath and read on...

To minimalise the head fog and footslog, we’ve put together a short-and-sweet shoe list to help you keep your packing in (calm) perspective!

What’s our summer oracle budget buy? Well, the Dare Two Part Low Sandals from Topshop to pair with Cool Mint Alice Bow Insoles of course -- adding nothing but power to that tan! This basic beauty duo is elegantly boding, no matter your mode of approach. Perfectly paired with a Worme silk kimono ensemble. Worn for a dreamy day out, where you’re having so much fun that time no longer has an address and all of a sudden, it’s evening -- but you still look like a Vogue screen grab. Also, great with any sort of shorts and just the right height for scenic travels – whether at a lazy lunch or hotfooting it through a local market.

A dishy yellow solute by none other than the Derek Lam Yellow Cone Heel Sandal. Add a brush of Lavender Dream Alice Bow Insoles for faultless contrast between holi-pedi and canary shoes – ‘you’ll be singing for your supper in the best possible ,manor’. Top them with a long millennial pink De La Vali slip dress and enjoy your sundowners somewhere otherworldly and pow-wham-sparkle, a magic outfit moment has been born.


    …….What about those summer strolls, followed by an impromptu hike/inevitable candid scooter ride? And all while maintaining that easy camera-ready vibe. Yes, I hear you, we can’t all do Balenciaga’s new chunky white trainers (although, we’d secretly want to). So, kicking impractical fancies aside, I think it’s safe to say that most of us should go for something like a pair of BUSCEMI panelled sneakers.

    They are a great thing of practicality, as well as function. Also, add Ballet Pink with metallic detail Alice Bow Insoles with silver logo for extra comfort and a total shoe flattering finish. A perfect footnote for off the beaten track/Laura Craft type adventures and all whilst looking great in a pair of shorts, skirt, jodhpurs, jeans and trusty white-T. Come evening, perfect with a L.B.D or Long.B.D  (See Sartorial Monk and Ba&sh for some great options).

    6 Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Shoes

    Dare not to sound silly, though we all can admit, who isn’t looking forward to the Royal wedding this weekend!

    I just can’t believe how time flies.  It feels as though these last months have skipped by with one swift click of heels!  We can't wait to see what wedding shoes the lovely Meghan Markle dons for her special day.  

    So, to celebrate this much anticipated hotfooted summer affair we have put together a small tribute to footmark the special Royal day – and hopefully give all you brides to be some handy footnotes for your summer wedding, as well as for life! 

    So next step? Well, let's make sure your shoes are up to it! 

    1. Watch the Height

    If you're a regular wearer of 4 inch heels then, by all means, go for it.  For the rest of us, best to stay 3 inches (7.5cm) or below.  For the taller ladies, don't feel you need to wear flat shoes.  Your groom loves you enough to want to marry you and will have figured out how tall you are by now.

    1. The Twirl Test

    We LOVE a good razzle - preferably one where we're not worried about our shoes flying off mid-twirl.  I've seen a flying shoe hit someone in the face before at a wedding - not a good look! (Though hilarious post wedding vids)! Best way to prevent this unfortunate moment is to have a little strap or two on your shoe to hold your foot in.  (Note: If you do want to wear shoes higher than you normally wear, an ankle strap will help this be more comfortable.)

    1. Beware of Decoration

    If your wedding dress falls below your ankles, then you may be best with plainer shoes.  Any crystals, beading, etc runs the risk of catching your dress. 

    If you’ve got our heart set on embellished shoes and a long dress the niftiest way to check if things will be OK is to take a piece of fabric similar to that of your wedding dress with you when trying on shoes. Run the piece of fabric over the shoe and see if it catches.  If it doesn't, there's a good chance you'll be fine on your wedding day.

    1. Choose the Right Size and Shape for Your Foot

    Don't be afraid to ask to try a shoe on in a couple of different sizes to find the best fit.  It’s your special day, not the shop assistants – so ignore any any annoyed looks they may give you as you ask for another pair.  I'd always recommend a round or open toe for comfort - much less likely to result in sore tootsies than pointy shoes. 

    Also, the time of year you are getting married can affect the fit of your shoe.  If you're getting married on a hot summer day, there's a good chance your feet will swell with the heat.  Best option is to go shoe shopping in the afternoon once you've been on your feet for a little bit so you will get a better feel for how the shoes will fit on the day. 

    1. Wear Your Shoes In Before the Big Day

    We all know the feeling of new shoes pinching. Try to get your shoes in advance, so you can start wearing them in around home a few weeks before the big event. (Nothing like the glamour of a tracksuit and wedding shoes whilst doing the ironing!)  This will allow you to see if any spots rub and give you a chance to make small amendments by using shoe stretching solution, etc. 

    Make sure the groom also buys his shoes well before the big day so he can wear them in.  If the shoes are tight around his toes, send him to the shoe repairer to get some shoe stretching solution.  (It's what bespoke shoe makers user to get the perfect fit!)

    1. A Bit of Comfort

    Check that your shoes have good padding or pop a pair of Alice Bow insoles in - they seriously makes a huge difference! We are bias, yes – but there’s a proficient reason as to why Alice Bow’s are around.

    Hope this wedding footfulness helps you on your big day. Oh and do share this post with any friends who are getting married -- these tips are all old, borrowed and new.

    Got any of your own tricks for happy wedding day feet? Drop us a note in the comment below.  We'd love to hear them!   

    Just click here to shop our delicate range of light metallic blue Bridal Alice Bow’s with a sixpence for your shoe. Which not only will keep your feet supported, but are perfect for your ‘something blue’ and you can personalise them too.

    Here’s to Beauty & Comfort United.

    x Rachel