Foot Notes

Fashion Week Heroes - The Footfulness Guide To Fashion Week Survival.

From both a sartorial and comfort perspective, choosing the wrong shoes is a fashion week disaster.  Whilst I can’t whip up an outfit for you, the tips below will help you stay happy on your feet for the week.  

Choose your shoes

The success of your fashion week wardrobe often starts with your shoes.‘Test drive them first’! Go through those new fave buys, as well as your always reliably and trusty collection of staples - once you have chosen a pair or three, that are at the very least mildly comfortable! Make sure you have some flats, or a lower (than usual) heel/wedge with a round toe. (Even Manolo Blahnik has been suggesting that heels might not be the best for this sort of dash and weather!)

Planning on wearing new shoes? Get them a couple of days before hand so you can frolic with them in around the home/office. Also pick yourself up some shoe protecting spray and stretching solution, just in case you need it. (Available at all good shoe repair shops.)

And, of course, pop your Alice Bows in!

The Back-up Team

Mighty peppermint Origins Leg Lifts is a godsend. Use it morning, noon and night – anytime your legs need a pep talk. Just rub a bit on the back of my calves and you’ll be good to go for another few hours. 

Vaseline – If not wearing tights, pop some on the areas of your toes that might rub. It might stop you from needing…..

Blister stickers – You’re kidding yourself if you think you don’t need some of these silent foot warriors in your bag. There will always be someone who is desperate for them, even if it’s not you. Compeed‘s extensive range can be picked up at many pharmacies. 

Support hose – Yup, doesn’t sound super glam (but if you close your eyes and imagine you are Penny Johnson in Dirty Dancing, that may just get you feeling quite vogue’esqu)! With that said be slightly realistic – Winters almost here ladies (fashion disciple or not). So no shaming, lots of us will be wearing them! Support hose do compliment most to every aspect of your outfit, as well as being a wonderful thing of ‘function’! Besides the ones you can get these days don’t look like something off a Little House on The Prairie washing line - Wolford’s 50 and 100 denier support tights are something of great beauty.

If offered a lift, take it

Don’t wait until your feet get tired. The aim is to keep your them happy as long as possible so you’re still smiling at the end of the day.  

End of the day rituals

Once you’re finally home, stretch your legs and your feet. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy sh'mancy – wriggle your toes, circle your feet, flex your ankles, stretch those calves.  Give your feet a massage with foot cream as you pop into bed for your beauty sleep.

(If you think you’ll be too pooped to remember, just stick a note on the bathroom mirror to remind you to do it whilst washing your face. Works for me - most days!)


6 Tips to Beat Pregnancy Foot Pain

Let's not kid anyone.  Whilst finding out you're pregnant is a source of great joy, the nine months of the journey certainly has an impact on your body that goes beyond your expanding waistline.  With the Duchess of Cambridge announcing she is pregnant again, we thought it time to share our tips to keep you happily on our toes throughout your pregnancy.


During pregnancy, your body carries roughly 1.2kg of extra fluid and that's outside of your belly!  This fluid has to go somewhere and the laws of gravity dictate that that is down to your feet.  

The best way to prevent your feet swelling is to keep them up.  Easier said than done, we know - especially if, like Princess Kate, you already have two little people to runs round after.  Anytime you can put your feet up is a bonus - so grab it when you can.  

Putting on compression tights first thing in the morning is also recommended as they literally stop gravity in it's tracks.  (I always like to shower first thing, so never quite managed that - but did put them on as soon as I could which still worked well.)

For end of day relief, create "ice necklace" (ice wrapped up in towel) and drape around swollen ankles - get favourite book out, or Netflix pick and pronto you’re ready to chill. 

Tired Feet

After swelling, this is the number 1 complaint. You have a third more blood in your circulation system when you are pregnant so that extra pressure combined with water retention and of course, carrying around that little baby can really take it's toll on your legs and feet.

Try a peppermint leg cream to help soothe and refresh tired legs, the antioxidants in peppermint will also help to keep your skin strong. Just apply one or two pumps from your knees to your toes for instant refreshment and relief to those achy legs. 

Travelling in Style

Movement is key when travelling - be it little ankle rolls and toe wiggles or wanders along the aisle.  Keep yourself well hydrated and make sure you've got a seat booked near the aisle.  

Things that Go "Cramp" In The Night

Lots of women complain about foot cramps during pregnancy.  This is usually due to low levels of magnesium. Aim to eat more magnesium rich foods such as whole grains, beans, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and of course stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout your pregnancy.

Doing some quick stretches before bed might also help to ease the cramping. Stand at arm's length from a wall, placing your hands on the wall in front of you and move your right foot behind your left foot. Slowly bend your left leg forward but keep your right knee straight and your right heel on the floor and hold for about 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat- remember to keep your back straight and your hips forward whilst you carry out the stretches. 

Choosing Shoes to Fit Your Feet 

Unless you're Imelda Marcos, you probably don't want to buy a load of shoes just for pregnancy that you will never wear again.  BUT there are lots of pregnancy-friendly options that will still look great after.  And, as tempting as it is to wear flip flops ("thongs" for those of you from Australia) we don't recommend it as they have no support for your feet.  

Wear shoes that are wider around your feet or have adjustable straps.  This season there are still lots of glamorous trainers and pool slides around that fit the bill perfectly.   And do any shoe shopping later in the day as your feet will have naturally swollen and be their largest by then.  

As for anything with elastic - I urge caution……  I wore some elastic sided boots which gave me the most swollen feet and felt like I'd never be able to remove them.  My man and I were in bits of laughter trying to get them off!

What to do when you need to glam up? 

Swollen pregnant feet and high heels are not best friends - let alone a big belly that makes you feel like you're going to keel over when wearing heels. But, we know there are times when only your favourite heels will do.  All we'd say is make sure you exercise a bit of caution.   Stay away from pointy toes and keep your heels stylishly low - more kitten heel than skyscraper.  And, of course, make sure you have your Alice Bow's.

Have a pair of more comfortable shoes you can change into if it all gets too much - or see if you can convince your partner to carry you wherever you need to go.  OK, that might not work…..

I hope you get some use out of these tips.

Do let us know if you have any funny or not so amusing pregnancy shoe stories you would like us to share. Or if there is any other tips we can possibly fill you in on.