Back to Work Shoe Tips

Back to Work Shoe Tips - Alice Bow


After a long summer, going back to "proper shoes" always feels, well, a bit serious.  A reminder of school days after the looong sunny break.  

Often times, our feet complain a bit - especially this year, when many of us have spent months in trainers, Birkenstocks and flip flops.*  They're used to having the extra space as many of these shoes have a wider fit than dress shoes.  

And even though many of us won't be returning to the office, girl's nights out or big family celebrations for some time yet, there's still a bit of a yearning to dress up - to put the lips on and wear all our gorgeous shoes.

So here's a couple of tips to ease you back in....

Take it Slow

Don't put on your favourite heels and expect your legs and feet to be happy for long days straight away.  Just start with a few hours and take things from there.  

Stretch and Strengthen

Your whole body is impacted by your feet and how you stand.  When moving back to high heels and more enclosed shoes after the summer break, some Heel Rocks will help strengthen and stretch. 

  1. Stand with your feet flat on ground, hip-width apart. 
  2. Lift your heels of the ground, so that you are on your toes.  Hold for 3 seconds.  
  3. Rock back onto your heels, so that your toes and most of your feet are now off the ground.  Hold for three seconds.  
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Make Room

Over our lifetime and throughout the seasons, our foot shape will change.  If your leather shoes feel a little tight around the base of your toes, order some shoe stretching solution (from your favourite shoe repairer or online).  Spray on as per the instructions and wear your shoes around home a little, and you should find they become more comfortable.

Afternoons are Best

If you're buying new shoes, wait until the afternoon to go shopping.  Your feet naturally swell slightly during the day and an afternoon shop will give you the best chance of choosing the most comfortable shoes for your feet.  


* Whilst we call them "flip flops", our Australian friends call them "thongs" and New Zealanders "jandals." Do they have another name where you're from?  


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