A tale of going global overnight...

A tale of going global overnight... - Alice Bow


I thought our website had been hacked....

A few years ago, as I glanced eyes-still-half-closed at my iPad for the morning news, I saw screen upon screen of orders for Alice Bow insoles - way, way, WAAAAYYY more then there would normally be.

Turns out reports had surfaced overnight that the Duchess of Cambridge was a fan of brand. And the news went global - USA, UK, France, Brazil, Japan, Norway, ..... Even prime time evening news in my home country of Australia. (Oh, my mother was proud!)

Alice Bow literally went global overnight and we’ve since shipped customer orders to 76 countries, all made in our east London studio. That’s a lot of happy feet!

As the Duchess of Cambridge steps into her new role of Princess of Wales, we just wanted to share this little story and wish her love, joy and happiness for the future.

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