Our Insoles

Alice Bow insoles are expertly and individually handcrafted in London, using high quality and beautifully coloured Italian leathers that not only look good, but feel great underfoot as you go about your busy life. In addition to bringing a touch of glamour to your feet, our superior quality orthopaedic padding delivers breathable, anti-bacterial and lasting comfort.

At Alice Bow we bring you two unique styles to suit your shoes, one designed specifically for flat shoes and the other for high heels. Our flat shoe insoles have been tailored to prevent heel strike and keep the bounce in your step with tapered padding under the heel. The high heel insoles are designed with slim, full length padding that cushions the ball of your foot, while being thin enough to slip into your favourite heels without affecting the fit. Both styles are shaped at the front so you can wear them with open or closed toe shoes and we've added double-sided sticky spots to the underside of your insoles to ensure they stay perfectly in place, all day, every day.

Designed by a woman who values the comfort of her feet as much as her style, Alice Bow insoles show that dazzling glamour and comfort can work together to complement even the busiest of today’s modern lifestyles.