Alice Bow's top tips for prom shoes

Alice Bow’s top tips for prom shoes - your guide to a great night. 

We thought we’d share the Alice Bow fail-safe tips to help you get the best out of your prom shoes. Remember - this is going to be one of the most exciting nights of your teenage life, so let's make sure your shoes are up to it. 

1. Watch the height

Keep your heels 3 inches (7.5cm) or below. You have plenty of time ahead of you for sky high heels so don’t do your feet any damage whilst you are still young. And if flats are your thing, go for it! Don't feel that you have to wear heels just because others are.  

2. The twirl test

One of the best things about prom night is hitting the dance floor with your friends, but no one wants their shoe to fly off mid twirl. 

Best way to prevent this is to have a little strap or two on your shoe to hold your foot in. This will give you extra support if you aren’t used to wearing heels.  

3. Beware of decoration

If your prom dress falls below your ankles, then you may be best going with plainer shoes. Any crystals, beading, etc runs the risk of catching your dress. If you have your heart set on embellished shoes the easiest way to check if things will be OK is to take a piece of fabric similar to that of your prom dress with you when trying on shoes. Run the piece of fabric over the shoe and see if it catches.  If it doesn't, there's a good chance you'll be OK for your prom. 

4. Choose the right size and shape for your foot

Don't be afraid to ask to try a shoe on in a couple of different sizes to check what is the best fit. We'd always recommend a round or open toe for comfort - much less likely to result in sore toes than pointy shoes.  

Also, the time of year can affect the fit of your shoe.  If your prom falls on a hot summer day, there's a good chance your feet will swell with the heat.  Best option is to go shoe shopping in the afternoon once you've been on your feet for a little bit so you will get a better feel for how the shoes will fit on the day.  

5. Wear your shoes in before your prom

We all know the feeling of new shoes pinching bits here and there.  Try to get your shoes in plenty of time, so you can start wearing them in at home a few weeks before the big event. This will allow you to see if any spots rub and give you a chance to make small amendments by using shoe stretching solution, etc.  

6. A bit of comfort

Check that your shoes have good padding or pop a pair of Alice Bow Insoles in. Seriously makes a big difference!

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