The Alice Bow Story

Why we design insoles....

 I’ve yet to meet a woman who wasn’t a shoe addict to some degree, myself included, but I was continually frustrated at the lack of quality padding in most stylish shoes unless you were buying a very high end pair that needed a small mortgage to own. I’d be out and about in a pair of much-loved gorgeous shoes, only to find that they often left my feet crying for mercy instead of a night on the dance floor. It seemed like shoe design had lost its way somehow, with all the focus on style and not nearly enough attention to substance and comfort. And this shoe addict felt she had a right to both.

So I was determined to change all that.

I started by studying shoemaking and learning what I could from countless experts, spending six months on prototyping the best possible insoles for women’s busy lives. The result is Alice Bow insoles – beautiful leather insoles designed for both high heels and flat shoes in a range of colours. Insoles aimed at comfort have never been known as a fashion accessory - until now.

And it didn’t take long, with word began spreading very quickly that Alice Bow Insoles were the must-have accessory for stylish women. Then - in summer 2015 - Vanity Fair sang our praises and Alice Bow Insoles went global, literally overnight. Our website nearly broke the internet as it was inundated with requests from women everywhere for our insoles, from Paris to Tokyo, from London to New York, from Dubai to Cape Town, and from the Aussie Outback to the fjords of Norway. We had, it seems, started a revolution in footwear comfort.

I hope you love and enjoy your new insoles - and please contact us with your Alice Bow adventures, thoughts and feedback – we’d love to hear from you!

X Rachel