Outdoor spring events and the good ol' British weather

Outdoor spring events and the good ol' British weather - Alice Bow

Even if you're not in Britain, there's a good chance that you'll be dealing with changeable weather at outdoor spring events. 

If you've checked the weather forecast and it looks like the ground is soggy or there's some rain to come, a little preparation is all that's needed to keep you comfortable and upright on the day.  As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad weather - only unsuitable clothing!

Leather or fabric?

If the weather is looking miserable, patent leather shoes are they easiest as they can be cleaned with a damp clothe.  Patent shoes are often plainer, so simply add a shoe clip if you'd like a different look. 

Suede, matt leather or fabric shoes can be sprayed with a waterproof spray in advance.  Whilst spring is a great time to start bringing out lighter coloured shoes, darker colours are less likely to show weather stains.  If wearing a lighter colour, consider if you are happy to have them dyed a darker colour afterwards if they gets marked.

Heel type? 

Wedges are the most sink resistant for soggy ground -with the added bonus of helping keep your feet out of any puddles!

We know not everyone loves wedges and that it might not feel like a "proper" day out without your stilettos. For finer heels, our Heel Protectors will help prevent you sinking into the grass.  

... if all else fails...

Pack the wellies!  Sometimes, there is just simply nothing to be done - even if it's just for getting across a field to the venue. 

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