The Bridal Collection Set - 6 Pairs
The Bridal Collection Set - 6 Pairs
The Bridal Collection Set - 6 Pairs
The Bridal Collection Set - 6 Pairs

The Bridal Collection Set - 6 Pairs

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Weddings are a day of great joy, but uncomfortable-yet-gorgeous shoes often make it hard for women to keep their smile going. 

Our Bridal Collection Set is the perfect accessory to keep the whole bridal party dancing in their heels 'til the last dance. Lovingly embossed with with Bride, Bride's/Groom's Mum and Bridesmaid in our London studio.  (Maid of Honour available to purchase separately.)

This pack contains 6 pairs of insoles.  You can choose to have any of the following in your pack:

  • Bride insoles in Bridal Blue with lucky sixpence
  • Bride's Mum insoles in Silver
  • Groom's Mum insoles in Silver
  • Bridesmaid insoles in Light Ballet Pink

To choose the combination you would like, just select the correct option:

  • Option 1 - 1 x Bride, 1 x Bride's Mum, 4 x Bridesmaid
  • Option 2 - 1 x Bride, 1 x Groom's Mum, 4 x Bridesmaid
  • Option 3 -  1 x Bride, 1 x Bride's Mum, 1 x Groom's Mum, 3 x Bridesmaid
  • Option 4 - 1 x Bride, 5 x Bridesmaid 

Once you order, keep an eye out for an email from us asking you to confirm the size for each pair.

About our Insoles for High Heels

  • Luxury colourful Italian Leather.  (No more embarrassingly ugly insoles!) 
  • Premium padding that keeps it's bounce.  Just enough to bring comfort, without taking up space in your shoes. 
  • Shaped at the front, so you can wear your insoles in open or closed toe shoes.
  • Double-sided sticky spots to hold your insoles in place, if needed.




ITALY 33-34  35-36  37-38  39-40  41-42
UK 1/2-1  2-3  4-5  6-7  8-9
US/AUS 3-4  5-6  7-8  9-10  11-12
FRANCE 34-35  36-37  38-39  40-41  42-43
JAPAN 20-21  22-23  24-25  26-27  28-29

Customer Reviews

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They look nice, but not worth the amount of money.

They don’t fit in the shoes correctly we had to alter them. They feel comfortable but they soon crease when you put your foot in.

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