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Insoles for High Heels and Flats

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  • The insoles your Style-Loving Feet been waiting for! We were frustrated with the lack of great insoles for women's shoes - they were usually ugly, chunky or just didn't work.  (Argh - that burning underfoot feeling of those silicon ones! So we designed Alice Bow.
  • Combining beauty and comfort, our insoles are made in our London studio from premium colourful Italian and Spanish leather.
  • The padding keeps it's bounce and brings all day comfort, without taking up too much space in your shoes.
  • Shaped at the front, so you can wear your insoles in open or closed toe shoes.
  • Double-sided sticky spots to hold your insoles in place, if needed.

    You can check our SIZE GUIDE Half size? We suggest you size up.

    As seen in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Tatler and Travel & Leisure.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Rose gold insoles

Been asked to review my order. Difficult cos I never received this order and when I enquired on it, the response was that it had been actioned. So somewhere along this process, the order went into a dark hole and I have nothing to try from my purchase and therefore no report on the insole. Hesitant to buy again because I don't want to lose the second purchase too.

Isabella Lamb
High Heels and Flats

Both are really comfortable and I would recommend these to others.

James Walker

Absolutely brilliant. 👏👏🇬🇧

Katarina Datkovic Mendrila
Les than zero

Never recived the insoles I paid. And never recived the answer to my last question aboutvit. Be careful in ordering tham you want nither recive the insoles nor the money

Kay Gleeson
Thank you

Wonderful love them, they fit in any shoe!