From the Land of Uggs

From the Land of Uggs - Alice Bow

With early Y2K fashion having made a return this winter, uggs have been back in the spotlight.  

As a kid growing up in 1980’s Australia, uggs were as common as Vegemite on toast.  

To us they were worn as slippers or after a cold swim to warm up toes.  Uggs would be worn until they were falling apart and even the most stylish would often wear a pair of “daggy” (or unfashionable) uggs at home.

The idea of walking around the city streets in them was nearly unheard of.  "Mate, ya still got ya slippers on?!” might have been the response you would have gotten.  Australian cities don’t get snow, so - unlike Boston or Berlin - there is no need for warm outdoor shoes.  A pair of thick slightly scratchy wool socks would do the trick.

In a country with basically as many sheep as people (if not more!), uggs are a great use of a local natural resource.  Sheep are raised on wide open plans and sheepskin is a natural industry byproduct.   Uggs were usually purchased from specialist (often family run) sheepskin companies - either at a big market or at their outlet stores. 

The thick fleece on the inside of the boots wicks moisture and allows air to circulate.  It allows the temperature to adjust and adapt to the season.  Uggs could be worn without socks - hence their original popularity as slippers and post-swim.

It was surf culture that took uggs to the USA and Britain, appearing in ads from the 1970’s - along with the image of the modern outdoor Australian.  

But it wasn’t until the 2000’s that the USA-based UGG brand really took the boots to fashion icon status.  Worn with everything from ballgowns to tracksuits, Uggs became the anti-heel gracing the streets of London and New York. 

And, whilst comfort was the name of the game, uggs were never designed to be worn all the time.  Like any shoe, variety is key to keeping feet healthy. 

Just like the best uggs, Alice Bow Luxe Shearling Insoles are made from Australian sheepskin.  It is the world premium standard and we are proud to work with family-run suppliers for the production of our insoles.

Available in a variety of colours to suit your shoe mood and sizes 35-42.

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