Our Padding

Alice Bow Insoles - premium orthotic padding

Lots of teeny tiny bubbles....

Alice Bow insoles are different for lots of reasons - one being our padding.
Most insoles on the market focus on padding, without thinking about how the insoles actually feel in women’s shoes.
High heels, especially, don’t have lots of extra space in them. Most insoles are too thick - making the front of your foot feel even more squished. So a kinda win-lose scenario - comfort below and a squeeze on top. 🤷🏻‍♀️
At Alice Bow, our signature insoles include slim-but-effective padding - just enough to make a real difference, without taking up too much space in your shoes.
We use a non-allergic latex that is filled with tiny air bubbles, keeping you comfort from day to night. The padding is slimmer than folks often expect, but as soon as you feel it you know it just works.
I tested loads of different types of padding in my own shoes (still have boxes of it!) before deciding which one to choose. Lots of padding feels great on first touch, but doesn’t stand the test of time. (What I call “point of sale” padding - cheap stuff used in shoes so you think they’re comfy and by them, only to find it compresses to nothing really quickly.)
At Alice Bow, our padding lasts. And lasts.
Our padding partner is based in Spain - a gorgeous family-run firm who supply many of the most serious German podiatric brands. Can’t wait to visit them again. It’ll be hugs all round after these tough years!