5 Tips for Winter Foot Care

5 Tips for Winter Foot Care - Alice Bow
In summer feet are out and foot care is as much about looking good in sandals, as it is about feeling good.  It's all pedicures and pretty toes and keeping cracked heels at bay.  Come winter, though, feet get tucked away and are often left feeling a little less loved.  

But just like plants getting ready for spring, winter is a perfect time to truly show your feet that you care. 

Below are some simple tips to incorporate into your every day, so that you are spring ready.    


Give you toes at least a month or two without polish.  Have a little bottle of oil on your bedside table and massage into nails and cuticles before heading to sleep.  Use plant-based oils where possible for better nutrients.  Massage, body or cuticle oils are all great.


A little buffing helps bare nails have a lovely fresh sheen, and also assist with oil absorption.  Use a "4 way buffer" for the best results.  You'll be amazed at how lovely your nails can look!


As we get older, cracked heels become more of a "thing."  There's two steps to approaching this - exfoliate and moisturise.  

A balm or thick moisturiser is a must - but I always feel like more ends up on my sheets than my feet, and socks are just too hot.  

What's needed is a little re-usable silicon(-lined) heel sockette to keep moisture in place.  Options include these from Kitsch or Amazon.  (We'll do a proper test and let you know our current faves!)

Specialist cracked heel balms will both exfoliate and moisturise.  If using another balm or moisturiser, exfoliate heels once a week with heel file/rasp.  


Living in London, rain is something we definitely know about!

Unless they're wellies, wet shoes = wet feet.  Change out of any wet shoes and socks as soon as you get a chance.  Sit them near a heater, but never directly on one as this can cause the leather to crack over time.  Ensure your shoes dry fully before you wear them again to keep feet healthy and your shoes fit for longer. 


Growing up in Australia, uggs were just worn as slippers or after surfing.  They're made for warmth and are not structured enough to support your feet for longer walks and daily activity.  When worn regularly for longer periods, their warmth can lead sweaty feet which increases the chance of foot infections flourishing.  (Yuck!)

A better option is to pop a pair of our Luxe Shearling Insoles into your favourite trainers or boots.  They can be taken out to air between wears, helping to keep your feet healthy.   

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