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Foot Notes

5 Tips for Defeating Winter Feet

As we cosy in for winter, giving our feet a little TLC will keep them happy whatever the weather.  Here are the top tips from Alice Bow and podiatrist Hiren Patel to see you through the cooler months. Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to get Feet Fit For Your Wedding Day

5 Easy Ways to get Feet Fit For Your Wedding Day

The last year saw most of us swap our heels for flat shoes and trainers (even slippers!), whilst we worked at home and went for walks in the park. 

But wedding days call for gorgeous shoes and many of us want to wear heels.  The last thing you want is for your feet to start feeling tired and sore when you’re only part way through the day.

Here are our top 5 exercises to get your feet fit for your wedding day.  10mins day is all it takes.  Just pop a note on your bathroom mirror and do your exercises whilst brushing teeth/cleaning face.

Heel Rocks

Your whole body is impacted by your feet and how you stand.  When moving back to high heels and more enclosed shoes after the summer break, some Heel Rocks will help strengthen and stretch. 

  1. Stand with your feet flat on ground, hip-width apart. 
  2. Lift your heels of the ground, so that you are on your toes.  Hold for 3 seconds.  
  3. Rock back onto your heels, so that your toes and most of your feet are now off the ground.  Hold for three seconds.  
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Zoom away for Tension Release

Many foot pains and niggles come from tension held in your feet.  Why not make good use of time and roll a massage ball whilst on your next Zoom call to gently ease tension.  Work along the length of the foot, as well as paying specific attention to the balls of the feet.  (These carry a lot of the pressure when wearing heels.)  Our Rose Quartz Massage Balls are perfect for this!

Towel Grabs

This rather clever yet simple exercise strengthens numerous foot muscles.  Swiftly and with care, drop a towel on the floor, then pick it up with your toes and hold for a second or two. Repeat 10 times, then swap to the other foot. 

Work it out and Walk It Out

During lockdown, many of us have been moving a lot less than usual and, just like the rest of our body, this can make our feet unfit.  Get out for a daily walk or run.  Doesn’t matter what it is, the key is to get moving on your feet. 

Walking on Clouds – Getting used to the Height 

Wearing your wedding shoes in whilst at home provides several benefits (other than feeling fab whilst packing the dishes away and doing DIY facial in between screen time.) Not only does it help gently shape the shoes and soften the leather, it also helps your calves and feet get used to the height of the heel.  If you’re feeling any tension in an area, this gives you an idea of where you need to focus on.


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Scientific Reasons to Put Your Feet Up

Scientific Reasons to Put Your Feet Up

We all know that after a long day out shopping or running around, the first thing we want is something nice to drink and to put out feet up. 

With many of us working from home, our legs and feet aren’t getting the work out they often would.   But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t benefit from some legs up time. 

So, what are the top scientific reasons to put your feet up?

Relieves muscle tension

Sitting down all day puts pressure on our hips and thighs.  Putting your feet up helps relieve the tension here.  (I swear everything feels less “flat” after I do this!)

Pressure relief

If you’re standing or sitting in the same position for an extended period, this can create pressure on your veins.  Elevating your legs reduces pressure on the veins and gives them a break.

Better blood flow

Raising your legs above your heart is recommended daily, not just for times when you’re feeling faint.  It’s a more relaxing position for the body and assists with blood circulation.

Reduces swelling

As the day goes on, many of us will have experienced the feeling (let alone the look!) of our ankles seeming to put on weight.  Luckily it’s just swelling and can be easily reduced with some simple leg elevation.

Now, there is a right way to do this if you want to get all the benefits…

Feet should be raised above the heart for 15-30 minutes, ideally daily – or at least 3 times a week.

To improve general circulation, elevating your feet above heart level is all you need. 

For the maximum benefit, the best rejuvenation is achieved if you pop your legs up against a wall at a 90 degree angle.  This allows the sacroiliac joints in your hip to relax.  It also soothes tense lower backs - perfect if you’ve been sitting at your desk all day. 

If possible, avoid putting anything under your head for support as this will move the spine from its neutral relaxed position. 

So pop your feet up and leave the video off on your next Zoom call.  And if anyone asks, just say you’re doing it for the scientific benefits!


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Back to Work Shoe Tips

Back to Work Shoe Tips
After a long lazy summer, it's time to start thinking about "proper" shoes.  Here are some of our best tips to ease you back into your favourite shoes. Continue reading
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